CLING -Cling is a female -fronted, electronic duo from the UK, that has accomplished many feats in their career; some milestones major and others personal.
Since 2006, Cling has been making noise. From dropping a CD that was well received by fans and critics alike, to appearing on countless radio shows, as well as their music making appearances in the cult favourite “Welcome To The Scene!”  Cling pushed harder, and in 2007, started playing live at some of the top music venues in Europe!
Cling then proceeded to release a music video for Beyond Your Dreams in 2010, garnering over 47K hits on YouTube in less than 2 weeks! Now, in 2019, Cling are a band with a vision - to reach out to as many people as possible through social networks, to introduce their unique, female - fronted electronica and to capture attention by releasing forward -thinking and unique tracks that seduce the mind ,body and soul into a chilled bliss. Cling’s online fan base is fast reaching 100K- join them and follow a truly unique duo. The latest news from Cling is that their track,  24 Hours has been included on the Energy of Love compilation CD by Sunset Corporation USA
. Coming soon will be the exciting video to accompany their latest release, Cut and Dried.. a Future Bass tinged production that still retains the unique edge that makes Cling`s music what it is - A memorable experience that leaves you wanting more. As one reviewer said: “ Cling really do make songs that won’t let go of you – therefore, an apt name for a group.”


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