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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Whoozl™?

It is a music platform dedicated to the discovery of indie artists. Indie Artists can upload their music for free and fans can discover music for free.

2. As a new fan how do I use the platform?

Sign up and create an account. Once you receive the confirmation email, log back into www.whoozl.com and create your user profile. Start following artists and discovering great indie music. You can follow artists by discovering them in the Directory or in the HUB.

3. Can an Artist also have a FAN ACCOUNT?

Yes. Every artist should create a FAN ACCOUNT so they can watch music discovery in the HUB and see how often their music is getting streamed and added to playlists. The ARTIST ACCOUNT is only used to upload music and videos.

4. What’s the HUB PAGE all about?

The HUB provides a way to watch music discovery. Each HUB of activity is unique to the user and contains all the fans of the artists they follow. The HUB shows the listening habits of the fans who follow the same artists you follow. It is in constant rotation showing the real time listening habits as well as how many times a song has been played and how many times a song has been added to a playlist.

The HUB provides a way of introducing you to artists you may not have discovered on your own. Everyone in a HUB has similar taste in music.

In the HUB you can add a song to your playlist, and tell friends about it on Facebook and Twitter. A user can buy a song on iTunes or leave a comment for the artist so they know you like their music.

The HUB is not just a listening experience for users, it is designed for users to be tastemakers and career influencers.

5. Can other users see my playlist?

No. Only you can see your playlist and your profile. We never want our usersto be bullied online because of their taste in music.

6. How do the Charts work?

The charts show the top 10 listened to songs on the Whoozl™ platform. It is updated weekly. The system tabulates the songs played from an artist’s profile, the HUB, and your playlist. The top 10 artists are unique to Whoozl™ however, because we are licensed through SOCAN (in Canada) the listening habits of our users are feed into the BILLBOARD CHARTS.

7. Can I share this information with friends?

Absolutely, in fact we will be rewardingfans (top users) with points for the number of shares. Stay tuned…there is more to come on our fan tastemaker program.

8. How do artists get their picture on the HOME PAGE?

The six spots on the home page are paid for ads. Please contact us if you are interested in being on the home page for a month.

9. How does an artist get in the Top Song, Top Album and Recommended spots on the Homepage?

The system auto generates this information based on the number of plays.

10. As an artist can I advertise on the site?

Yes, if you wish to advertise upcoming events or sell your merchandise, this can be done on your artist profile page. Please contact us.

11. As an artist should I put all my music on the site?

That is really a personal decision. The platform is about music discovery and you can get discovered with one song.

12. How does an artist get paid?

As long as an artist is registered with a Performing Rights Organization, they will get paid every time a song is streamed. Artists must belong to a P.R.O. to receive their payment. Examples of Performing Rights Organizations are SOCAN, BMI,ASCAP SESAC etc. Whoozl™ reports to the P.R.O.s and the P.R.O.s distribute the money.

13. Why should I put my music on www.whoozl.com

Whoozl™ levels the playing field for artists. Your music has a better chance of being discovered because we are a site dedicated to indie artists and you aren’t competing with the big names for listeners and new music is constantly circulated to the Users.

14. Is the music censored?

No, our music is not censored. Some content is not appropriate for young audiences.

15. Can my music be taken down for copyright infringement?

Absolutely. If you did not compose the music yourself, record and produce it yourself, or write the lyrics you could be in violation of copyright infringement. The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to ensure you don’t use material that was originally created by someone else. If they created it, they own it. If you want to use it, get the necessary permission or seek legal advice.

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